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BETA test of 6.2.0

Written by Jan Otte on Monday 15 October 2018 in the category Development.

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  •       6.2.0 BETA (v3)




    After a little delay on a schedule, we are starting the BETA testing of the upcoming 6.2.0 Conel OS.

    The main feature brought by this version is a Load balancing feature, which comes integrated in the usual Backup Routes settings. Please see the linked document for a closer description.

    Note that right now we are starting the beta, not doing the production release yet. The beta versions are fine for getting familiar with the changes in the upcoming release or for some experiments. ...


    Development resources ready

    Written by Jan Otte on Friday 25 August 2017 in the category Development.

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  • The Devzone page has been created.

    Intended audience are primarily developers and the page describes a quick overview of the OS running on Routers and summarizes a few topics:

    • How to get to SDK and Toolchains.
    • Where and to get to the Opensource parts of the OS (GPL and other licensing).
    • Pointers on how the Opensource parts of our OS can be reproduced.

    Visit the Devzone here.