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The devices we produce in Advantech B+B SmartWorx CZ are not only one-purpose routers, but should be perceived in more general as application gateways.

The list of possibilities how to unleash the cellular routers application potential by creating the application yourself is discussed on a better place - the DevZone.

On this place, we want to present applications that are ready to roll right now. Also, this is definitely not a complete list - we are showing just the applications developed by our team and also only a selected ones out of the complete list.

There are a few types of applications:

  1. Applications running directly on routers.
  2. Applications running somewhere else than on the routers, but communicating with the routers in some way.

Applications running directly on routers are usually created as User Modules. There are many User Modules ready at the moment, some of them covering a very specific use case, some allowing further development of additional applications (e.g. Python or NodeRED). You can read more about User Modules in the subsection of the Application Pages - just follow to the User Modules.

As our development team is very focused on the cellular routers, we do not tend to produce a lot of other software. At the current time, there are only two applications developed by the CZ team in production phase and only one of these applications is presented on this portal - the R-SeeNet.