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UCR11 v2

UCR11 v2

Life Cycle: production

Regions: APAC


Technical description

Router UCR11 v2 use two modules UMTS/HSDPA and CDMA for wirelessly connect vari-
ous equipments and devices via Ethernet interface 10/100 to the internet or intranet. Thanks to
high data transfer speed, up to 21.1 Mbit/s (download) and upload speed up to 5.76 Mbit/s for
UMTS module and up to 14.7 Mbit/s (download) and upload speed up to 5.4 Mbit/s for CDMA
module it is an ideal wireless solution for traffic and security camera systems, individual com-
puters, LAN networks, automatic teller machines (ATM) and other self-service terminals and
As a standard, UCR11 v2 router is equipped with one Ethernet 10/100, one USB Host
port, one binary Input/output (I/O) port and two SIM cards. The wide range of interface op-
tions of this router further expands an expansion PORT1 and PORT2 – selected by the cus-
tomer. For the expansion PORT1 are available Ethernet port 10/100, serial interface ports
RS232/RS485/RS422/MBUS or inputs/outputs (I/O – CNT). PORT2 may be equipped with
serial interfaces RS232/RS485/RS422/MBUS, wireless interfaces WIFI/WMBUS, SDH expan-
sion port or inputs/outputs (I/O – CNT). Both of ports can be fitted with internal switch (exp.
port SWITCH). This wireless router is supplied in a metal casing.
Configuration is done via web interface protected by password. The router supports cre-
ation of VPN tunnels using technologies IPsec, OpenVPN, L2TP to ensure safe communica-
tion. Web interface provides detail statistics about the router activities, signal strength, detailed
log, etc. Cellular router supports functions: DHCP, NAT, NAT-T, DynDNS, NTP, VRRP, control
by SMS and many other functions.

Documents to download

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Quick Start Guide | Subscribe to notification

Start_Guide_v2_Routers_EN_20170601.pdf | 2 MB | 01.08.2017 (English)

Configuration Manual | Subscribe to notification

Configuration_Manual_FW6_20180830.pdf | 7 MB | 26.06.2018 (English)

UCR11_v2_User_s guide_20160118.pdf | 4 MB | 01.08.2017 (English)

ISO Certificate | Subscribe to notification

CERTIFICATE_CSN EN ISO 9001_2016_ENG.pdf | 441 KB | 16.05.2018 (English)

POS_2012_38_UCR_11_v2_ENG.pdf | 428 KB | 01.08.2017 (English)

v 6.1.7 (25.07.2018) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20180725.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.1.7.pdf | 830 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

ucr11-v2.tar.gz | 25 MB

v 6.1.6 (11.03.2018) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20180311.pdf | 378 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.1.6.pdf | 825 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

ucr11-v2.tar.gz | 25 MB

v 6.1.5 (03.01.2018) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware_Distribution_Overview_20180212.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.5.pdf | 791 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

ucr11-v2.tar.gz | 25 MB

v 6.1.4 (25.09.2017) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware Distribution Overview_20170927.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.4.pdf | 811 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

UCR11-v2.tar.gz | 25 MB

v 6.1.3 (09.08.2017) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware Distribution Overview_20170810.pdf | 378 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.3.pdf | 778 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

UCR11-v2.tar.gz | 25 MB

UCr10v2F_SL_3A_2013_00000.jpg | 151 KB | 03.08.2017

UCr10v2F_SL_3A_2013_00001.jpg | 163 KB | 03.08.2017

UCr10v2F_SL_3A_2013_00002.jpg | 165 KB | 03.08.2017