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BETA test of 6.2.0

Written by Jan Otte, Monday 15 October 2018

      6.2.0 BETA (v3)




After a little delay on a schedule, we are starting the BETA testing of the upcoming 6.2.0 Conel OS.

The main feature brought by this version is a Load balancing feature, which comes integrated in the usual Backup Routes settings. Please see the linked document for a closer description.

Note that right now we are starting the beta, not doing the production release yet. The beta versions are fine for getting familiar with the changes in the upcoming release or for some experiments. We do neither encourage nor support the beta versions in production. That said, if you want to be prepared for the upcoming changes or simply want to try it out and give us a feedback, you are welcome!

As the beta is not in full production shape, there are a few known issues that you should be aware before trying out:

  • When Load Balancing mode is active, tunnels and DynDNS are not working.
  • Load balancing: IPv6 scenario has fixed weights to 1:1. It is not possible to change it.
  • Load balancing: In IPv6, the control ping on pppoe does not work.
  • Single/Multi WAN (no load balancing): In pppoe mode, the control ping is not being resend after initial failure (if an initial ICMP packet fails).
  • Single/Multi WAN (no load balancing) SmartMotion: switching back from a backup module to the default one (once the default one comes back online) does not happen.

Update regarding the 6.2.0 BETA - the beta testing is over and so the download links are expired. Thanks for testing and feedback.

Here comes the links to the files - note that only SmartFlex and SmartMotion binaries are provided:

Thats it. Happy testing.

You can leave feedback in a comment or send it via regular support channel.