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Open careers

The positions described on this page are open in Advantech B+B SmartWorx s.r.o., which is a Czech Republic based company and part of the Advantech family. For more details on the location and traveling options please look at the Contacts page.

Given the organization of units inside Advantech, the Czech Republic based company forms a relatively independent type of a development unit, called SBU (Strategic Business Unit). Our SBU is capable of defining and delivering complete products and offering them to Advantech's RBUs (Regional Business Units) for distribution/sale. The SBU is product-oriented which means we are focusing on defining and developing products instead of selling them to customers.

As mentioned on the Contacts page we have two offices in Czech Republic. Some of the positions may be recruited in any location, some are bound to a specific locations and some may be requiring sharing time between the two locations.

From the point of view of responsibilities, the HQ hosts all types of development - software, hardware, product developent - and manufacturing and also supporting departments (like finance and IT). The small office in Brno takes care about SW application development (or general SW development).

Because the company consists of more departments than just R&D and because the positions may be specific to Czech Republic conditions and legislation, some of the positions are written in Czech.

SW Engineer - firmware

Full-time (40 hours/week)
Ústí nad Orlicí, CZ

  • Develop, test, maintain and improve software (router OS based on Linux).
  • Take part in team discussions and design decisions.
  • Manage individual projects priorities, deadlines and deliverables.


  • On this position you will join existing team and help developing and maintaining existing router OS based on Linux.
  • Job location: Ústí nad Orlicí, Czech-republic.
  • Specifics: Full time, present every day in office with possible exceptions.

Qualification - minimal:

  • Experience with C language.
  • Experience with development in Linux OS.
  • Linux scripting (Bash, Python).
  • Native Czech language skills.
  • English language knowledge - written and also spoken.
  • Analytic, algoritmization and problem solving skills.

Qualification - preferred:

  • Experience with development in embedded environment.