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Life Cycle: support

Regions: APAC, EMEA


New FW versions will no longer be released

Technical description

EDGE router is a compact electronic device based on the module which enables data transfers using GSM, GPRS and EDGE technologies.
Primarily, the router expands the capabilities of the module by the option of connecting more PCs by means of the built-in Ethernet interface. In addition, the firmware of the router provides automatic establishment and maintenance of GPRS connection. By means of integration of a DHCP server it provides the users with simple installation and Internet access.

In addition, the router is equipped with a USB 2.0 Full Speed interface which is designed only for connection to a PC with Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system. For operation it is sufficient to install drivers from the supplied CD to the PC.
By consumer request it is possible to equip the router with a modulus port PORT1 and extend the functionality of EDGE router about RS232, RS485/RS422, M-BUSD or CNT (I/O module).

The EDGE router has four versions. The first version is the basic ER 75i, the second version is the ER 75i DUO with two SIM cards, third version is the ER 75i SL in an aluminum box and the last version is the ER 75i DUO SL with two SIM cards in an aluminum box.


Documents to download

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ER75i User´s guide.pdf | 3 MB | 15.07.2017

ISO Certificate | Subscribe to notification

CERTIFICATE_CSN EN ISO 9001_2016_ENG.pdf | 441 KB | 16.05.2018 (English)

POS_2017_166_ER_75i_EN.pdf | 467 KB | 01.08.2017 (English)

v 6.1.8 (08.11.2018) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware_Distribution_Overview_20181204.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

er75i.tar.gz | 7 MB

release-notes-6.1.8.pdf | 871 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

v 6.1.7 (25.07.2018) | Subscribe to notification

er75i.tar.gz | 7 MB

firmware-distribution-overview-20180725.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.1.7.pdf | 830 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

v 6.1.6 (11.03.2018) | Subscribe to notification

er75i.tar.gz | 7 MB

firmware-distribution-overview-20180311.pdf | 378 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.1.6.pdf | 825 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

v 6.1.5 (03.01.2018) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware_Distribution_Overview_20180212.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.5.pdf | 791 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

er75i.tar.gz | 7 MB

v 6.1.4 (25.09.2017) | Subscribe to notification

ER75i.tar.gz | 7 MB

Firmware Distribution Overview_20170927.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.4.pdf | 811 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

v 6.1.3 (09.08.2017) | Subscribe to notification

ER75i.tar.gz | 7 MB

Firmware Distribution Overview_20170810.pdf | 378 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.3.pdf | 778 KB | FW Release Notes (English)