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Life Cycle: production


4G LTE Router & Gateway

for South KOREA

Technical description

SmartFlex SR309 is an industrial cellular router intended for the South Korean markets. This router is
an ideal device for wireless communication in mobile networks that make use of LTE, HSPA+,
UMTS, EDGE or GPRS technology. Due to the high speed of data transfer up to 150 Mbps
(download) and up to 50 Mbps (upload) is this router an ideal solution for specialized M2M
devices and IoT as well as for wireless connection of traffic and security camera systems,
individual computers, LAN networks, automatic teller machines (ATM) and other self-service
The standard configuration includes two Ethernet 10/100 ports, one USB 2.0 Host port,
two binary inputs and one output (I/O connector). The device also has two readers for 3 V and
1.8 V SIM cards, which are located on the rear panel of the router. The router also includes
a microSD card port that supports up to 64 GB card storage (32 GB in the case of SDHC
cards). The router can be equipped with a WiFi module, but this must be part of the initial
configuration – it cannot be added to the router at some point in the future.
The router can be equipped with PoE PSE (Power over Ethernet – Power Source Equipment),
which lets the router power other devices via Ethernet. The SmartFlex can also be
configured with a wide variety of port options. These can be SWITCH – three switched Ethernet
ports; RS232-RS485/422 – combination of serial interfaces. The router can be provided
only in a metal casing.
Configuration of the router may be done via a password-protected Web interface. Web interface
provides detailed statistics about the router’s activities, signal strength, detailed system
log etc. The router supports the creation of VPN tunnels using IPSec, OpenVPN and L2TP
to ensure safe communication. DHCP, NAT, NAT-T, DynDNS, NTP, VRRP, control by SMS,
backup primary connection and many other functions are supported.
The router provides diagnostic functions which include automatically monitoring the PPP
connection, automatic restart in case of connection losses, and a hardware watchdog that
monitors the router status. The user may insert Linux scripts which are started on various
actions. It is possible to create up to four different configurations for the same router. These
configurations can be switched whenever necessary via Web interface, SMS or binary input
status. The router can automatically upgrade its configuration and firmware from your central
server. This allows for mass reconfiguration of numerous routers at the same time.
The router also supports additional software like R-SeeNet for permanent traffic monitoring
of routers.

Documents to download

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Quick Start Guide | Subscribe to notification

Start_Guide_SmartStart_SmartFlex_SmartMotion_EN_20200109.pdf | 8 MB | 09.01.2020 (English)

Configuration Manual | Subscribe to notification

SmartFlex_Configuration_Manual_20200109.pdf | 7 MB | 09.01.2020 (English)

SmartFlex_SR309_User's_Manual_20200109.pdf | 8 MB | 09.01.2020 (English)

ISO Certificate | Subscribe to notification

CERTIFICATE_CSN EN ISO 9001_2016_ENG.pdf | 441 KB | 16.05.2018 (English)

Declaration_RoHS_EN.pdf | 654 KB | 14.06.2018

KC Certificate.pdf | 639 KB | 14.06.2018

REACH_EN.pdf | 475 KB | 14.06.2018

WEEE_EN.pdf | 333 KB | 14.06.2018

v 6.2.2 (16.12.2019) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20191216.pdf | 639 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.2.2.pdf | 632 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

spectre-v3-lte.tar.gz | 14 MB

v 6.2.1 (16.10.2019) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview_20191107.pdf | 382 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.2.1.pdf | 644 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

spectre-v3-lte.tar.gz | 14 MB

v 6.2.0 (16.08.2019) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview_20190816.pdf | 381 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.2.0.pdf | 768 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

spectre-v3-lte.tar.gz | 41 MB

v 6.1.10 (02.07.2019) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20190702.pdf | 381 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.1.10.pdf | 645 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

spectre-v3-lte.tar.gz | 35 MB

v 6.1.9 (23.04.2019) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20190423.pdf | 384 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.1.9.pdf | 829 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

spectre-v3-lte.tar.gz | 35 MB

v 6.1.8 (08.11.2018) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview_20181204.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.1.8.pdf | 871 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

spectre-v3-lte.tar.gz | 35 MB

v 6.1.7 (25.07.2018) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20180725.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.1.7.pdf | 830 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

spectre-v3-lte.tar.gz | 12 MB

v 6.1.6 (11.03.2018) | Subscribe to notification

firmware-distribution-overview-20180311.pdf | 378 KB | FW Overview (English)

release-notes-6.1.6.pdf | 825 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

spectre-v3-lte.tar.gz | 12 MB

v 6.1.5 (03.01.2018) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware_Distribution_Overview_20180212.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.5.pdf | 791 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

spectre-v3-lte.tar.gz | 12 MB

v 6.1.4 (25.09.2017) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware Distribution Overview_20170927.pdf | 379 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.4.pdf | 811 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

SPECTRE-v3-LTE.tar.gz | 12 MB

v 6.1.3 (09.08.2017) | Subscribe to notification

Firmware Distribution Overview_20170810.pdf | 378 KB | FW Overview (English)

Release_Notes_6.1.3.pdf | 778 KB | FW Release Notes (English)

SPECTRE-v3-LTE.tar.gz | 12 MB