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Dear Partners,

We are aware that the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19), has disrupted daily family lives, the ability to work and limited social interaction. Advantech Czech s.r.o wishes that you, your family, friends, and colleagues will stay safe during these troubling times.

Advantech Czech s.r.o. will continue serving our global customer base whilst observing the strict health and safety restrictions within our facility. The health and wellbeing of our employees and our customers is our number one priority. We are closely monitoring the situation and working within the advice and guidance of all public health authorities concerned. We have increased our safety stock of finished goods and raw material in order to ensure a smooth fulfillment of deliveries. As always, our team remains available - where necessary we have implemented home working. Our internal manufacturing and engineering processes have been adapted to overcome the challenge we all face. We believe that the actions we have adopted will help us serve our customers with their unique and evolving needs.

I would like to thank you for your trust - in our team and our company in these challenging times. Let’s continue to protect our employees, customers, families and finally our communities.

My best wishes to you, your family, friends, and colleagues.

Pavel Pospisil, Advantech Czech s.r.o.

Link: 22.03.2002 - Official statement of Advantech Czech s.r.o.


Dear Partners,

We would like to assure our customers that Advantech Czech s.r.o. is closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), situation and the possible impact on our supply chain and services provided by our parent company and suppliers.

Thanks to the policies and strategies associated with our manufacturing activities, we currently cannot see a negative impact on our supply chain. However, the situation may deteriorate so we recommend our partners take the appropriate steps to ensure future deliveries. 

Pavel Pospisil, Advantech Czech s.r.o.

Link 1: Official statement of Advantech Czech s.r.o.

Link 2: Official statement of Advantech - Advantech Actions in Response to COVID-19

Deploying cellular routers effectively into industrial networks is much more than rugged, reliable hardware – it requires taking intelligence to the absolute edge. Hardware that is carrier-agile, cost-competitive, with the flexible configuration interfaces to fit M2M applications. More importantly than ever, a truly open development platform to build application software, host applications, seamlessly manage network connectivity and securely administer the system.

This is what defines a smart solution.

Build Your Own App

Smart Hardware

The versatility of industrial LTE applications requires hardware that is fit for purpose. Your purpose. Advantech offers a comprehensive selection of routers and gateways designed and built in the European Union with the right data speeds, the right interfaces and the rugged specifications required.

Intelligence Inside

The line between a router and an embedded computer is blurring in many applications today and depending on the processing power required, an intelligent router is significantly more cost effective than an embedded computer. New data demands for IIoT or operations optimization initiatives also open new questions as to where data is compiled, enriched and processed. With pre-built API’s into selected applications platforms, and an open environment that supports app development in Java, Python, C/C++ and Node Red, you’ll find more flexibility than with any other router on the market. You’re also welcome to check out our app library for available downloads on apps already developed to enhance specific router functionality.

Build Your Own App
Build Your Own App

Device Management Software

Our smart cellular routers are built and optimized for critical infrastructure applications in the most challenging and remote locations and environments. The simplified plug-and-play design with extensive remote management enables you to quickly configure, deploy and customize your installation from anywhere over an IP network.

What's New On Our Blog

Remote Monitoring Guidelines Released

Remote monitoring tools inform administrators about the overall system health, performance, and potential issues. This improves reliability and security of your network.

We just released guidelines for remote monitoring of Advantech cellular routers. This document lists all supported remote monitoring protocols and introduces various tools that can be used to remotely monitor Advantech routers. The combination of protocols and tools need to be carefully selected based on your needs as there is no single protocol that can monitor everything and no single tool that supports all protocols.

Written by Petr Gotthard / Thursday 22 October 2020

Zabbix Agent User Module Released

We released a Router App (User Module) with a Zabbix Agent. This can be used to integrate Advantech Cellular Routers with the Zabbix Monitoring System and securely monitor parameters that are not available via SNMP, such as CPU load, memory consumption, local time, or changes to the router configuration files. To simplify integration with the Zabbix server via either SNMP or the Agent we also released several Templates with all supported SNMP parameters and important agent-based parameters.

Detailed description of the Templates and the User Module itself, including a full list of supported items and triggers, can be ...

Written by Petr Gotthard / Tuesday 13 October 2020

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